Operation Head Pigeons is run by a small but dedicated core group of members: our Tallest and Control Brains. They make decisions for the group, moderate, and created and maintain this website and our Facebook page.


Tallest Sarah: Sarah is OHP's founder. She may be a tiny bit insane, but we love her for it, and she is undeniably awesome.

Tallest Karissa: Karissa is our co-Tallest and artist extraordinaire. Although she isn't as crazy as Sarah is, she's every bit as amazing.

Control Brain Hillary: Hillary has been an OHP member since day one, and a sweetheart since forever. Seriously, if you ever find someone nicer than her, let us know.

Control Brain Rel: Rel is, to quote Hillary, "epic, sweet, amazing". To be fair, Hillary says that a lot... but it's definitely true in Rel's case. She can write and draw, and on top of that she and her sister have made a series of OHP-themed podcasts.

Control Brain Jackie: Jackie is one of the best makers of Invader Zim fanart in OHP, if not the world. In addition, she’s funny, nice, and smart… what more could you ask for?

Control Brain OP: OP is awesome, insane, deadly, and the reason people cannot have nice things. She is responsible for any animated pigeons lurking on this website.

Control Brain Lillias: I do the blogging ‘round these parts, I’ve been an OHP member since the start, I’ve been known to draw the occasional bit of fanart, and I like waffles.

Control Brain Alexia: Alexia is both an evil mastermind and a fanfiction goddess, which is a pretty dangerous combination when you think about it. 

Control Brain Meadow: Meadow is smart, sweet, and full of goo… MISSION GOO! She might actually rival Hillary in terms of sweetness.

Control Brain Rachel: Rachel is our resident zombie overlord and queen of crack fics. In terms of sheer awesome, she’s hard to beat.

Control Brain Chelsea: Chelsea is Sarah’s best friend and advisor. She mostly helps out behind the scenes, but just because you can’t see her there doesn’t mean she’s not around spreading the head pigeons.