A brief history

Operation Head Pigeons was founded by a young high school student titled "Tallest" Sarah before bringing her first co-admin "Tallest Karissa" on board. Their mission? Show Nickelodeon that Invader Zim isn't "too expensive" after it nearly revived in 2010 with creator Jhonen Vasquez excited to do more Zim stuff.

It began with a series of phone call floods to Nickelodeon studios.  

The fourth phone call flood involved three thousand callers.  Nickelodeon got in touch with Sarah explaining patiently that although Nick saw the good intent and politeness from the majority of our participants.., OHP was instructed to find other routes or Nickelodeon would have no choice but to take legal action.  

So a new plan was formed: within a mere two weeks, hundreds of holiday greeting cards were sent to Nickelodeon studios.

After gaining nearly 10 thousand fans, the Facebook page inexplicably was deleted.  A new page formed with a team of hand picked admin (or "Control Brains") for maintenance, morale, and to serve the Tallest as an advisory board.

Production then suddenly begins on a 'best-of' Invader Zim DVD called Operation Doom.  Need we say more?

Our work not only caught Nickelodeon's ear but convention company Green Mustard Entertainment as well.  We were invited to host a panel at Invadercon in Atlanta, GA during 2011.  

Shortly after Invadercon we were tasked with being the publicist of Project Massive.

As we further our planning behind the scenes we've been encouraging fans to show some love for Zim whether it be on Facebook, official polls from Nick, and the like.  

We've also apparently done a solid job pushing for quality Zim merch reflecting tastes of true fans.

Stay tuned via Facebook for an exciting road ahead!

OHP administrative team ("Control Brains") Rel, Hillary, Jackie, OP, Alexia, Lillias celebrating the "2.0" page regaining ten thousand members.  Since then we've brought on board our (coincidentally) only male "C.B"... Johnny!

also let's get this out of the way: his chosing to be called Johnny all his life has nothing to do with a certain homicidal maniac.  ;)

This was our first logo :D 

Missions and accomplishments:

Phone call raids
October 8th: First phone raid. Operation Impending Doom III.
October 10th: Ten Minutes to Doom, phone raid.
October 31st: Operation Spooky Doom, phone/email raid.
December 2nd: Operation Head Pigeons, our LAST phone raid

The greeting card mailing: "
Merry Jingly Raid of DOOM" late December

Operation Doom DVD produced and released shortly afterwards by Nickelodeon!!

-We encouraged sales for said Operation Doom DVD
 -The DVD broke Nick's records for release date sales
- #1 Nick DVD for four straight days on Amazon
-#35 for all television releases beating out the then latest Doctor Who release

-Invited to 2011 Invadercon hosting a panel during prime time hours.

-We became the official publicist for Project Massive.  You want Zim back? You go there!

 -cast members Rikki Simons, Richard Horvitz, Andy Berman, and crew member Tavisha Simons follow our Facebook.  Composer Kevin Manthei follows us on Twitter.

-Nickelodeon tweeted about us!!!

-We were a little bit of influence to the release of quality licensed Zim merch (details HERE)

- Mighty Fine Inc  (an online store to buy official Zim shirts)  follows our Facebook

-We've been written about at Movieviral.com and Nickutopia.com

-We'll have a panel and booth at Invadercon II: Doomcon south of Los Angeles.

-We are a guest judge for the official Invader Zim tee design contest 
at welovefine.com.  Our personal favorite  design will get a $400 prize money. =D


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