Picture Gallery

  This was the logo for one of our first phone missions! A very successful one!

This was a cancelled operation .  

Our very own Tallest Sarah meeting Richard Horvitz at InvaderCon 2010!

Our very own Tallest Sarah meeting Richard Horvitz (voice of Zim) at InvaderCon, 2010!
"I met my lifetime hero, and his hair is extremely amazing." ~Sarah
"When I met Richiedag, I started shaking uncontrollably, and I couldn't talk, and I wanted to break down in tears so badly. <3
This was, seriously, the BEST moment of my life...He's my hero. I love him so muchhh~ ;A; " ~C.B.Hillary

Andy Berman (voice of Dib) and Tallest Sarah!
"I hugged him at least 5 times, and I lead his fangirl attack.

Sarah, Hillary, and Karissa meeting some fellow Head Pigeons. :D

One of the first O.H.P commercials. 

A later one made for OHP 2.0. I believe it was made by one of the Control Brains...?

Another logo for one of our phone-missions. This was for Operation Spooky Doom obviously, an earlier operation.

A silhouetted depiction of our wonderful Irken leaders, Tallest Sarah and Karissa. Sarah on the left, Karissa on the right. :)

It's Melissa Fahn, voice of Gaz! She's super nice in person.
And Richard and Andy chatting behind them.
"OH MAH. Melissa is such a sweetheart. (and she supports OHP, well, all of them do, but she was the first XD)

Left to Right: Tallest Karissa (dressed as Gaz), Control Brain Hillary (dressed as Dib), and Tallest Sarah (Dressed as Zim) posing for a picture and meeting each other for the first time at InvaderCon 2010.

We just think this is insanely cool.
You know a revival campaign is legit when Nickelodeon publically acknowledges you.


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