Handmade PAK Bags

March 4, 2011
Control Brain Opera Phantomess here! After making a PAK bag for my Zim costume, I figured others would want one as well for their own Invader Zim related costumes or for a bragging right to friends. Click here for my journal entry on how to get one!

Now, you may be asking yourself if it will be worth it. All I can say is I make them with care and with the most love I can give them. Because they are handmade, I am able to make sure every stitch is solid and the bag stays together, as well as choose which materials to use. I have seen bags, such as the GIR ones you can purchase at Hot Topic, where the construction is not quite stable because it is made in a factory without much care as to how the end product comes out so long as it sells and sells well for a steep price (I can tell you right now the new GIR plush backpack will not last a few months of decent use before it begins to come apart at the seams, literally, not to mention thirty dollars for that is too high for the material and time spent making it). I have been testing out my bag every day since I first wore it with the rest of my costume, and it is really holding up better than my original expectations. Below is the image of the bag I made for myself. Any one that is commissioned will look better than that since I will not be throwing it together in less than two days.

The official name I am giving my bags is C.A.P.: Cool Accessory Pack. The one pictured above is titles "Invader". I am also offering one shaped like a pig titled "Piggy Back" and another shaped like a pigeon head titled "Pigeon Head". If you would like a C.A.P., follow the instructions on my journal entry and soon you will be walking around like a proud Irken soldier!

~Control Brain Opera Phantomess

Introducing our Tallest and Control Brains!

February 5, 2011

Operation Head Pigeons is run by a small but dedicated core group of members: our Tallest and Control Brains. They make decisions for the group, moderate, and created and maintain this website and our Facebook page.


Tallest Sarah: Sarah is OHP's founder. She may be a tiny bit insane, but we love her for it, and she is undeniably awesome.

Tallest Karissa: Karissa is our co-Tallest and artist extraordinaire. Although she isn't as crazy as Sarah is, she's every bit as amazing.

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