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Send in your designs, vote for your favorites, tell everyone. YOU- the true fans WILL have a say in what a quality Zim shirt is.

Ahem.  carry on.

Bigger update as of 04/30/2012

guess who's guest judge for the contest?  Invadercon staff... and the OHP admin team!!


Q: What is the purpose to this side mission?
A: We want you to have licensed Invader Zim merch that we all can be proud of.  It'll keep you busy while we prepare for Project Massive and any positive results add to OHP's list of accomplishments.  [Edit: guest judge slot for instance! cheers!]

Q: What has it been about at first?
A: Certain items at Hot Topic were testing the waters for merchandise that is darker, edgier, for males, and features characters besides Gir in the dog suit.  Take a look at any mentioned on this page or on our Facebook.  We wanted you all to buy the ones you like and then thank the vendor online afterwards.

Q: I meet so many who wear Gir shirts who never heard of Invader Zim. What's up with that?
A:  It's been cancelled for years yet licensed items are still available.  Not enough people bought stuff aimed at true fans so what you see is what people want.  When the show comes back the uninitiated will convert. Don't take it personal, just show those people an episode on Nicktoons.com.

Q: What's with the shirts about being "adorkable" ? or about reading books? and other irrelevant phrases?!
A:  We do want to change that.  However that's just marketing trends. It's not just happening to Invader Zim but as of this writing it seems to be dying down as they emphasize tacos and whatnot.  Not too shabby.  

Regarding our friends at Mighty Fine Inc.

      Q: Tell us about 'em! 
      A: That's not a question but .....HAPPILY!  They are online vendors of shirts for the nostalgia-nerd and geek-chic crowd.  Franchises there include Invader Zim, My Little Pony, Scott Pilgrim and more!

      Q: How's their Zim selection?
      A: They are proud to have a variety of Zim shirts.  Would you like robot Gir or dog Gir?  Would you like full cast or just  Zim?  Are you a boy or a girl? Do you prefer show quotes or internet memes?  Check 'em out at www.welovefine.com  and tell 'em "Operation: Head Pigeons sent you"

      Q: What would telling 'em you sent us do?
      A:  Uh...nothing.  It's a friendly gesture.  
     Q: Did Nickelodeon give them permission?
     A: Of course they have an Invader Zim merch license or they'd be sued by now.  They also sell designs to Hot Topic.

     Q: Do they really follow you on Facebook?
     A:  Hellooooo.  Guest. judges. for their contest.  can't  you just tell that I LOVE saying that? :D

     Q: No campaigning took place to change something about their selection.  why?
     A:  No reason to.  Even the ladies' selection, which is not our cup of tea, brings them money so we might as well embrace the variety.

                                                                           and our efforts at Hot Topic

Q: Why so much Gir at Hot Topic stores?
A:  Ever since the first DVD set came out, real fans moved on.  You can see for yourself by looking up Hot Topic's website on waybackmachine.org from 2005 onward.  Who's left? Ladies who find Gir adorable.  Nothing wrong with emphasizing how cute the dog suit is or that he likes food and hugs.  We're honestly just not fond of the misused internet phrases but even then that stuff provides variety and easy money.  


Q: What's your goal?
A: The dream was for them to have the variety Mighty Fine has before Invadercon happens.  It helps for Project Massive because it keeps morale up, kills time, and adds to OHP's list of accomplishments. 


Q:How's that going for you?
A: Solid actually.  Even store managers have wanted a change because they're fans like us.
Seven days after we contacted Hot Topic's headquarters these four shirts were released as online exclusives.  
 Big Face, World Domination, Logo, Classic Gir  and we encouraged our fans to buy what they wanted if they could.  Clearly the shirts were testing the waters for better Zim merch aimed at true fans.

Q: Just roughly a week after you contacted them? How is that possible?
A:  That's easy when they are online exclusives.  The images were recycled promotional art, too.  Besides, we're not saying they did it only because of OHP but we certainly tipped the scale. 

Q:Did they sell well?
World Domination rereleased as a hoodie &  Gir X-Ray Zip hoodie  was released.  Both sold out!  New sale trends also include...

 men's boxers featuring Dib, Zim, and Robot Gir in stores.  Also an online exclusive hoodie for ladies featuring Gir more in line with the spirit of the show.  Also, in stores is this clever shirt for girls.  Signs of good things to come!

Also the "Keep Calm" Zim shirts from MIghty Fine became online exclusives at Hot Topic.  One features Gir without the dog suit and this one is for any fans of the Irken Empire.  Over time more shirts we're satisfied with came out- one of them at Mighty Fine was a Portal crossover.  Yes, we're pleased.  :P

since you're here....VIDEO PROJECTS

OHP Anthem:  Send a video of yourself reciting the Operation Head Pigeons Anthem in its entirety.  Skipping a line or two is fine but please don't add any.  Send your video to operationheadpigeons@gmail.com. We'll be doing a compilation video, and we wanted our members to have it's voice. :)

7-12 Video:  Know some kids ages 7-12?  Ask them and their parents to record a video saying their name and that they love the show and want more episodes.  For the sake of parental consent please don't forget to have their mom or dad be on camera, too. =)




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